Monday, December 27, 2004

Greetings From The City Of Sails

I made it - I'm in Auckland. The whether is beautiful. Just watched the sun set across Kumeu and the Waitakere Ranges from my parents place.

Phoebe and I drove up from Wellington on Christmas Eve. Not having my own car, I got one of those Budget relocation deals, where you pay $20 (+ gas) to drive the car from Wellington to Auckland in 24 hours. I recommend it. Luck of the draw, we got a 2003 3 litre Nissan Maxima. Boy, she took off. It was pissing with rain all the way to the Bombay Hills (seriously), so lunch with a freind in Taumaranui had to be cancelled. Made really good time (without speeding or course) and didn't hit any traffic.

Spent Christmas Day with Phoebe's family in Remuera. After a few domestic dramas in the morning, things settled down in the afternoon, and had a really nice time.

Drove up to Omaha Beach yesterday for my family Christmas. Played a few holes of golf, and generally had a really good time.

Drove Phoebe to Auckland Airport to fly out for a 27 day holiday in Shanghai, China this morning for a 5am check in (which meant leaving Kumeu at 3:30!!), then picked my flatmate and his girlfriend Gabby up from the airport soon after. Came back home and spent the afternoon snoozing, as I was buggered.

Hope everyone else is having a good break.

PS. Before I left Wellington, I gave Michelle Quirke from the Dominion Post a few qoutes regarding Stuart McCutcheon leaving for Auckland University. I picked up a copy of the DomPost at the airport this morning, only to find the story was bumped for the Tsunami in Indian Ocean. Fair enough I guess... after all, it's not the Sunday Star Times.
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