Thursday, December 02, 2004

Civil Union Bill Reading Today

I awoke this morning to the sound of a Catholic priest urging New Zealanders to watch how MP's vote and take it into account at the next election. Luckily, Associate Minister of Justice David Benson-Pope was able to provide a voice of reason.

That same article has a picture from yesterday's press conference. Note how Michael Wood is the only one in focus and the Young Progressives woman is cut off? Does this mean that Labour are the only ones with a clear vision, and the Progressives simply don't matter? :-P

Everyone from VUWSA has gone down to the reading this afternoon. Not me though - I'm taking advantage of the boss being out to play solitaire on my computer all afternoon (haha - actually, I'm not really - I've cleaned out two filing cabinets instead). I am listerning to parliament, and was going to put a blow-by-blow account up, but DPF and Tristan have done it perfectly already.

It has pasted - 65 - 55. Fantastic.

Interestingly, Xavier mentions this on DPF's blog:
"I went and spoke to Wayne Mapp about changing his mind. He told me about the 'poll' he did in his electorate, which basically amounted to having people come in and tell him they were against it. Nice one. I used to respect him, one of the only Tories I liked. Now I just think he has no backbone. I read a transcript of what he said at a public meeting about Civil Unions, and it made me really sad. Ah well. True blue seat and all that."
This is, I assume, the same survey that Mapp is referring to has "scientific". Yeah, whatever buddy.
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