Wednesday, December 01, 2004

A Bad Week For Dr Brash

I bet Don Brash wishes he simply didn't get out of bed this week.

Firstly, he come out saying that he would be changing his vote on the Civil Union Bill. After voting for it in the first reading, this is possibly the worst move he could make. He should have bit the bullet, cut his losses with the conservative side of the National Party, and shown some strength in holding up his opinion.

Interestingly, the chairs of the five major party youth wings (Young Labour, ACT on Campus, Young Greens, Young Nats, and Young Progressives) held a joint press conference this afternoon calling for all MP's to support the CUB. It was a huge success, with all spokespeople coming across well (although Michael Collins looked like a pimp), but notables had to be Michael Wood (President of Young Labour, and Labour candidate for Pakuranga 2002 and 2005 (?)) who dominated the show, and Emily Hayes, secretary of the Young Nationals who faced some fairly hard questions about Don Brash's flip flopping, and handled them fairly well (although she kept referring to him as "Mr Brash" rather than "Dr Brash").

It's telling when evan Gaz says Brash's stance this is "unfortunate"...

When the joint press statement appears on Scoop, I'll link it here.

Secondly, the latest Herald-DigiPoll has him polling at just 30.4%, almost 20 points below Labour. And, to rub salt in the wounds, he is polling just 20.3% for preferred Prime Minister.
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