Sunday, November 14, 2004

So Much To Do, So Little Time...

I am shattered. This weekend was the 2005 VUWSA Executive Retreat at Nick Kelly's Ohakune ski lodge (yes, apparently one of the conditions of the revolution will be that Comrade Kelly will get to keep his holiday home). This is a chance for the new exec team to get introduced to the workings of VUWSA, start planning for the year, and generally get to know each other. It was a busy weekend, and I got very little sleep.

I have to say, after some initial concerns, the 2005 VUWSA Executive are going to be fantastic:
  • Jenn Jones, EVP - good, intelligent, and hard working. Had a really bad spaight of "food poisoning" this morning though.
  • Nick Kelly, WVP - like me, a huge fan of The Boss. Need I say more? The only member of the 2005 exec to have been on exec as long as me.
  • Bevan Callaghan, Treasurer - the youngest member of the exec. Has a passion for numbers (campaign slogan - "Numbers Are My Thing").
  • Kerry O'Connor, Women's Rights Officer - the first "newbie", but seems to be really keen to learn the ropes, and get stuck in. Lovely, easy-going woman, with a great sense of humour. And she offered to make me breakfast this morning (which I politely declined, not being a big breakfast person).
  • Hannah Collings, Clubs Officer - 2004 WRO. Wouldn't have picked Clubs to be Hannah's cup of tea, but has a years experience under her belt, and is keen to work hard in 2005.
  • Cordelia Black, Education Officer - intelligent, and committed. The only member of exec who has been a student for longer than me.
  • Maddy Drew, Education Officer - President of UniQ (Victoria's representative group for gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and transgender students), and 2004 recipient of the VUWSA Clubs Development Award. Really hard working, and an awesome sense of humour. Possibly the fittest person I know.
  • Brendan Jarvis, Activities Officer - The invisible Man. Hardcase guy, who is keen to work hard for a range of activities on campus, including other events away from the traditional beer-oriented events. According to Jules, he has a nice arse.
  • David Cassidy, Campaigns Officer - Committed to student-focused campaigns (has been an active member of the Education Action Group in the past). Good guy, knows how to drink.

Despite the wide range of political views (Parties: 2 ACT, 3 National, 1 Labour (me), 4 unaffiliated), and the fact that O'Connor, Collings, Jarvis and Cassidy were on my opponent's ticket (although one of them told me during the weekend, that they in fact voted for me. I don't really believe that, and told them that I did not vote for them), I think we have the potential to work together to continue the strong VUWSA tradition. Also, this makes us considerably more representative than past execs.

I have NZUSA President's training this week, should be a good chance to meet the Federation Executive, and pick up some new skills for the job ahead. Interesting fact: All nine university campus associations are headed up by men this year - you decide whether that's a good thing or not.

It's all starting to heat up at VUWSA, and 2004 comes to an end, and 2005 rolls on. I'm looking forward to it, and know that I have the right (as in correct) exec behind me to make a difference fo students.

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