Monday, November 08, 2004

Progressive Tertiary Education Policy

At Victoria University, we have a word for Jim Anderton's latest tertiary education policy - plagiarism. It's basically a re-hash of the Nat's failed "You Stay, We Pay" policy, yet, no-one in the media seems to have pick up on this. (in fact, Stuff [] claim that "Latest figures predict student debt levels to triple to $15 billion in the next 15 years" - interesting, considering student debt hi $7 billion earlier this year.

The thing about plagiarism is that it is normally a sign of desperation. I would hate to see Jim Anderton go, but it appears his mind already has. The "You Stay, Me Pay" policy has a number of flaws, which is why the Nats dropped it. The most glaringly obvious flaw is that it's great for someone like a medical graduate (who will have no trouble finding a job), but not so great for an arts graduate (who probably won't walk straight into a job out of uni).

First the cut to the business tax, and now this. Strange coming from someone who left the Labour Party because he was too left wing. What next Jim? Removal of New Zealand's nuclear free status?
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