Wednesday, November 03, 2004

John Tamihere Resigns Portfolios

Prime Minister Helen Clark said today that she had received the resignation of the Hon John Tamihere from all his portfolios and had advised the Governor-General to accept it.

"This resignation has not been sought by me. A process was put in place three weeks ago, following which a decision about John's future cabinet position was to be made," Helen Clark said.

"Following the referral of the Paragon Report to the Serious Fraud Office, it is clear that the White Report would not have been the end of the inquiries into allegations being made.

"At this point, John is concerned to ensure that he can participate fully in progressing the government's agenda and representing his constituents, and that is not possible for him while he is on leave from ministerial duties.

"I believe the course John has taken is an honourable one.

"I have always seen great potential in John and continue to do so. He has been a hard working and energetic minister and it is my hope that he will be able to contribute at ministerial level again in the future.

"The ministers currently acting in his previous portfolio areas will continue with those responsibilities in the meantime. I have decided that no new appointments will be made to Cabinet at this time," Helen Clark said.

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