Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The US Presidential Elections from a Distance #2

OK, so I said a few days ago that I wasn't excited about the US Presidential Elections. Truth be known, I am. Very excited. Why I hear you ask? Well, I discovered Current Electoral Vote Predictor, and I tried to study for my exams.

My office is Cotton 106. From my desk I have a nice view across the little quad and trees to the McLauren lecture theatres (being on the ground floor, I can't actually see across any buildings). I can sit at my desk and watch classes go in and out. Boring? Hell no! Well, at least not in comparison to what I have to study.

So, every hour or so, I go to the computer room, and check my email. There's normally another random email there from one of the 31 yahoogroups I belong to, or a press release from parliament, or something similar. Never anything serious. And then someone emailed me the link to the Electoral Vote Predictor. Well, my life changed.

It seems as though, once again, it is all going to come down to Florida. Isn't that a kicker? So, for the next few months, some unlucky bastard will end up counting chads.

Current predictions have Kerry on 257 and Bush on 247. Kerry will take New Mexico (4) and Iowa (7), putting him on 268, and Bush will hold Ohio (20), and will take Florida (27), giving him 274.

Mark my words: Bush - 274, Kerry 268.

Here's a shout out to Susie in Southern California who quoted me on her blog. Simple things for simple minds, I guess...
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