Saturday, October 16, 2004

Procrastination and Other Useless Activities

This time last week, I was in front of my computer analyzing the local body election results. Once again, I am going to be spending Saturday night doing work. This week it's the 40-odd GEOG 114 essays that I have to mark.

Of course, as soon as I log onto the internet (I still use dial up) I have to have a look at all the blogs. Anyway, I found this on David Farrar's blog, and I thought, why not? What better way to procrastinate? So, here goes:

* First job: Picking Sweetcorn
* First screen name: Holden_C (as in Craufield in Catcher in the Rye)
* First funeral: Grandmother
* First pet: Sarah the lamb (I grew up on a farm, ok?)
* First piercing: None
* First tattoo: None
* First credit card: National Bank Visa
* First kiss: Alice, on the side of Lucas Creak in Whenuapai
* First enemy: I've had lots of enermies, but I don't really know them by name...

* Last car ride: Taxi yesterday
* Last kiss: 3 weeks ago
* Last movie watched: Fahrenheit 9/11
* Last beverage drank: Speights last night
* Last food consumed: Fish and chips for lunch
* Last phone call: To Phoebe, my girlfriend
* Last time showered: last night
* Last CD played: In Time, the Best of REM
* Last website visited: John Kerry for President

* Single or taken: taken
* Gender: Male
* Birthday: July 5
* Sign: Cancer
* Siblings: Sally
* Hair color: Red
* Eye color: Blue
* Shoe size: 13
* Height: 6' 2''
* Wearing: Trackies, rugby jersey
* Drinking: Mountain Dew
* Thinking about: Marking essays
* Listening to: 3 News
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