Tuesday, October 12, 2004

It's Democracy Kerry (But Not As We Know It)

I learnt today that is an issue with some 1,800 votes the WCC elections. (insert pun about Florida here) Oh the humanity. I appears that there was a problem with the vote counting system - they didn't know whether it was a partial chad, hanging chad, or complete chad I guess...

Alright, enough with the Florida analogy. As much as I disagree with the results of the WCC election, and as much as I would have liked to see Kerry go down, I never really expected it to happen. The guy I voted for came second to last.

But I do have a few questions about STV. I thought I understood it. I followed David Farrer's advice, and ranked all candidates, because what he said seemed to make sense. But I am still not sure about the system.

The WCC website says that Brian Pepperial is undecided. I assume that was because when Kerry got a majority (as you need to do under STV), Pep was the only candidate left? All the other candidates had been dropped, yes? If that was the case, it was bloody close.

Are the final figures going to be published, like they are in every other city? In the style of a National Party Question in the House, if not, why not?

I still think the final word has to go to Nick Kelly, who raked together 585 in the People's Republic of Upper Hutt. God bless you Nick, you're a good man, and you'll make a great ACT MP one day!
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