Saturday, October 09, 2004

Local Body Politics

Well, the campaigns are over and the votes have been cast. My vote (which was 'special' because I was deleted from the role) was an absolute mission - I'm sure countries have been over thrown with less trouble. I have had my head buried in books for the past week, so have really missed the final week of campaigning.

There are no results in Wellington City, but I imagine Kerry Prendagast and most of the same councilors will be re-elected.

Heading North, John Terris was beaten in Lower Hutt by Ouy City, Our Future candidate David Ogden. I know very little about Lower Hutt politics, other than Terris is rather conservative. I don't know what Ogden will be like, so I'm not going to pass judgment here.

VUWSA Vice President (Welfare) Nick Kelly was seriously defeated by sitting mayor Wayne Guppy in Upper Hutt. No real suprises there.

Now, my old stomping ground; Dick Hubbard was elected mayor of Auckland City by a comfortable 17,000 vote majority. While I hate John Banks, I can't say I have a huge amount of confidence in Dick Hubbard. But it was pleasing to hear Christine Fletcher say that she will not be contesting another election. Kate Sutton (President of the Auckland University Students' Association) was highest polling candidate for the Tamaki Community Board (whatever the hell they do).

Bob Harvey was re-elected mayor of Waitakere City, comfortably beating off Vanessa Neeson (who I think may be wife of former Waitakere MP Brian Neeson, but don't quote me on that).

And, finally, Rodney District - my home: Sitting mayor, and private school owner, John Law came very close to being beaten, with only a few hundred votes in it. Chair of the Helensville Businessman's Association, Grev Walker was elected to the Western Ward.
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