Monday, November 08, 2004

"The Letter" Picked It (Or Not?)

As a subscriber to what used to be called "Richard Prebble's Letter from Wellington", but is now simply "The Letter". Always really interesting to see things from the ACT perspective - a source of constant amusement.

Todays edition included this:


The Letter predicted George Bush's victory, we said 52-48%, it was 51-48%. We also predicted correctly the Republicans would increase their majority in Congress. Despite sending journalists to America no NZ mainstream media predicted a Republican win. The NZ media gets most of its American news coverage via the British media who have been hostile towards Bush from the start. This is not new. The same media wrote off Ronald Reagan as a "B-grade" actor. The Letter picked a Republican victory because of a fundamental political shift taking place in America. George Bush is the first President since Franklin D Roosevelt to increase his party's congressional majority in three elections in a row. Contrary to our media's view this is not bad news for NZ. Kerry's running mate Senator Edwards, a protectionist, was replaced by a senator with ACT-like views on free trade and tax. It is a Republican majority that is willing to fight global terror and support free trade.


I also picked Bush to win (in fact, I put money on it). However, what interests me more than anything else the fact that they believe Ronald Reagan to have been something more than a "B grade actor", which virtually flies in the face of the entire of Hollywood... I guess this is probably from the same school of thought as Bill English's comments that he had not read The Lord of the Rings, and now didn't need to because he had seen the movie (for the record, I've done neither).

Interesting to do a Google search on "B grade actor" and click "I'm Feeling Lucky"...

I wouldn't recommend the Letter (which you can subscribe to from here for anything other than amusement. If you want some serious political newsletters from the Right, I recommend Upton On-Line (
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