Thursday, November 25, 2004

One Month To Go

Amanda just brought it to my attention that there are only 4 weeks until we bugger off for Christmas. Just perfect. In that time I have to get fully trained as President, meet all the lovely (and not so lovely) people in the university, and tidy my office to hand over to . The last of those is the most daunting.

Mike Bignall (EVP before me) was so incredibly tidy. When I moved into my current office at about this time last year, the pens in the desk drawer were neatly lined up and sorted by colour, and the filing was perfect. There was nothing on the desk. It has not been even remotely tidy since - at the moment it resembles downtown Fallujah. Not a big fan on the tidy-office-policy, to be honest... Everyday look at it and find another way to procrastinate - Pacman is my favourite (courtesy of Salient - cheers guys).

This week has been taken up with Vic Chancellor’s appointment. I am the student representative on the University Advisory Group (UAG), a sub-committee of Academic Board, which acts in an advisory role on academic issues to the Council subcommittee. (Translation: we have no actual power or authority, are basically a token consultation measure, and Council can ignore our recommendations if they wish. Maybe I’ve become a little too cynical…).

And, this afternoon I had my first Student Job Search Wellington Regional committee meeting, where I was unanimously elected 2005 Regional Chair (watch me contain my excitement).

And, apparently today is Thanks Giving in the States ... well, I'm going to JJ Murphey's for a beer.
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