Saturday, December 04, 2004

Andrew Little Makes Power List

According to the Listener, the 38th most powerful person in New Zealand is former VUWSA President, Andrew Little.

Andrew was President of VUWSA in 1987, NZUSA in 1988 and 1989, and is now national secretary of the Engineers, Printers, and Manufacturers' Union (New Zealand's biggest union). I met him at the NZUSA Christmas Party a few weeks ago, and was captivated by some of his experiences in student politics.

While the Listener is, perhaps, the last bastion of the once powerful left-wing media in a sea of right-wing tabloids (i.e., the Dominion Post, New Zealand Herald, not to mention all television and commercial radio), it is surprising that a leader of the union movement would be rated as one of the most powerful people - not I'm saying it's necessarily a bad thing. I have yet to read the article, so am not entirely sure of the criteria.

Unsurprisingly, Helen Clark and Michael Cullen were first and second, followed by Peter Jackson and Governor of the Reserve Bank Alan Bollard.
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