Monday, December 13, 2004

What A Weekend

I had a great weekend, to say the very least.

For a start, it was the first weekend since my girlfriend, Phoebe, came to stay last Monday. I am in a distance relationship, which, to be honest, is hard, but it does make the time you are together so much more special. Phoebe is staying until we drive up to Auckland on Christmas Eve.

On Friday night, we went (with Amanda, NZUSA's Co-President and NWRO, Fleur and Camilla) to the Student Association at the Wellington College Of Education ("SAWCE") Ball. Although neither Amanda nor I were really willing to go, we were sort of under obligation as SAWCE becomes part of VUWSA when VUW and the Wellington College of Education merge in the New Year. It turned out to be quite good. Greg, Louise, Jimmy and the SAWCE exec had pulled out all stops, basing the evening on the Oscars (hardly an original idea, granted, but it was pulled off really well). They gave out awards (called "SAWCE's") to people who had done dumb stuff during the year. The sense of togetherness was amazing - there would have been several hundred people there, and they all seemed to know everyone. Certainly more of a collective spirit than you find at the fragmented Victoria University campuses.

Spent Saturday cleaning the kitchen. I live in an old Kelburn villa which, sometime long ago, got converted into two flats, and hasn't been cleaned since. Anyway, enough about that.

My flatmate had his 21st on Saturday night. Predicting (correctly) an influx of pre-pubescent boy racers from Palmerston North, Phoebe and I escaped to Jordan et al's flat warming. A very pleasant night was had by all. Had lengthy discussions with former student politicians such as Michael Gibbs, Grant Robertson, Alistair Cameron, and Graham Beever. As people drank more, the night turned more into a party, with Michael Wilson (advisor to Margaret Wilson) leading the dancing. Phoebe, never one to shy away from a good song quickly joined in to tracks from Blam!, Queen etc etc. We ended up rolling out at about 2am, for the short walk back up the hill to Kelburn.

Sunday was a lounge around home day. Later that night we went to the double screening of Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. I had seen the former a few years ago. The later is the sequel, set some 9 years later. Both are terribly romantic, and very enjoyable.
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