Monday, May 02, 2005

Political Poetry Entry 2

The Real Key to Political Success! By Matt McGrath

Some have said that success in this game,
Is due to certain elements of political fame,

Things like beauty, and cunning and smarts,
And qualifications beyond a Bachelor of Arts,

Prime Minister Lange got by on his wit,
While John Tamihere acts like a twit,

But for fame there can be no substitute to
Having a somebody who looks just like you,

Clem Simich seems like one of a kind
But take a look closer and soon you will find,
He doesn’t get by on political will
He only gets by cos he’s like Dr Phil,

Rod Donald may seem pretty and handsome
But he stole that whole look from Dr Johnasson,

Mr Hide is a member who is nasty and loud,
He barracks, and scoffs and he laughs out aloud
Some say he gets attention cos he’s a buffoon
But I say its cos he’s a taller Muldoon,

Mr Tony Ryall has funny shaped ears
Most people can’t help but laugh when he sneers
So where did he get this look that could kill
He borrowed it from our wee friend Blinky Bill,

But Tony’s not alone to this end
Our venerable leader has an animated friend
Just put on some ears, and its really quite funny
Dr Don Brash is what’s up with Bugs Bunny!

I’ve come near the end now, but something’s not right,
I can not have finished, not now, well not quite!
There’s just one more face that one could never forget
And you’re all scared to death of this face, I bet

Its one that original - no, its never been done,
But you can’t look straight at it, it’s a bit like the sun,

This personality is a sight for sore eyes,
A face whose popularity is quite a surprise,

A face that can be both frightening and sinister,
The face of our Right Honourable Prime-Minister.
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