Thursday, April 21, 2005

Computer Problems

My computer profile died yesterday. I lost all my old emails, my contacts, and my Outlook calendar appointments. Fortunatly, they were backed-up by our IT guys to Sunday night. This means that if you emailed me between 6pm Sunday and 9am this morning, chances are, I didn't get it.

I am told that the problem was in my PST file. Apparently, these only opperate if you keep it below 2gb. Mine was close to 5gb, as I hadn't archived Outlook since I started at VUWSA in 2003. Heh. I'm archiving now.

It is a little scary how reliant on computers we have become. Not only was I late to almost every appointment I had yesterday (have since reverted back to a paper diary), but I could do very little work on anything. I kept on thinking "I'll just take care of that, oh, wait, no I won't."
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