Tuesday, April 19, 2005


I've just seen a UK Conservative Party leader Michael Howard news conference on the British "Yob Culture" on Sky News. I didn't realize people still used words like "yob", but maybe it's just the Tories... read this guy's blog. Iain Dale strikes me as a frightfully sterling chap, of fine upbringing, what. He doesn't, however, want you to leave comments. Bugger.

The news conference was truly moving stuff, really. My particular favourite moment (trust me, there were many of them) was when Howard's accomplice (the name of whom I have forgotten - if anyone saw the news conference please post the guy's name in comments) was asked what would he be after the election "Conservative Party leader, or a former Member of Parliament". The Tory didn't dignify it with an answer, funnily enough. The whole news conference smacks of "we know how to fix these young whipersnappers; a swift kick up the backside is what they need" (Howard's speech can be read here). It's a concept that is foreign to me. National don't even come close to that sort of cynicism, in my opinion.

And what is with the Tories slogan: Are you thinking what we're thinking? Simple answer: probably not. Labour's slogan seems much better to me (not that I'm at all baised...): Britain forward, not back. Interestingly, you can read the entire Labour manifesto online.

The British election is of considerable interest to me. I have never studied British politics, basing my entire knowledge on one Blackadder episode, the complete series of House of Cards, and what Jordan has told me of his experiences working in the Prime Minister's strategy unit. I don't think it will be a considerably close race for Tony Blair and the Labour Party, but it'll be interesting just the same.
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