Sunday, April 03, 2005

First SJS National Council

I attended my first Student Job Search National Council meeting as Wellington/Northern South Island Chair yesterday. The papers for the meeting would have given the Wellington Telephone directory an inferiority complex, and most of the meeting was taken up with operational proposals from various regions, which I will not go into in detail here.

However, at the end of the meeting we defined the regional boundaries for 2005. Most remained unchanged, however the Wellington/Northern South Island region no longer includes the Wairarapa (for practical reasons - UCol has a campus in Masterton, so it was decided that it would be more appropriate to come under the Manawatu/Central North Island region), or the Buller District (it was decided that Caturbury/Westland would include the entire West Coast).

On the lighter side, Wellington/Northern South Island does include the Chatham Islands (based on the fact that Wellington Airport is the main access way to the Islands, a similar basis as Rongatai Electorate), and Otago/Southland now includes Kurow, as it is on the southern banks of the Waitaki River.
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