Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Social Conservitism at It's Best

Gary has posted that he will not vote for National if Don Brash peddles his youth crime policy. Not a bad post by Gaz's standards. I favourate passage has to be:
I do think something should be done about controlling the little shits of this world, but sometimes punishing the parents does not work, especially if the pinkos have their way and don’t let us whack them. If a kid does a serious crime he should be sent to health camp or a correction centre like they used to, not fine the parents.

He then goes on to say that we should have them working in sweat shops, because "that'll learn 'em". Nice one Gaz - I'm glad someone in our generation wants to take New Zealand back to the 1950's...

Gaz fails to actually point out the flaws of Brash's plan. If the parents are present (and, therefore presumably available to be "punished"), then they are taking some responsibility for their children's actions. If the parents are not present (for whatever reason), it is going to be rather difficult to punishment them, even though it is probably more their fault than in the previous case. You are, therefore, punishing parents for taking responsibility.
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