Friday, April 08, 2005

ANZAC Essay Winner

Yesterday I briefly attended a function for carrier advisors at Victoria. This is the regular sort of "Victoria is the greatest university on the face of the planet, send your students here" function. They wine them, they dine them, and they send them home with good feelings about the university.

One interesting observation; they held this during the university holidays, to give the impression that facilities are plentiful, not crowded like they are during term. Students may be in for a short, shard shook when they turn up only to find you have to queue for virtually everything.

But I digress. I was surprised to see the carriers advisor from Kaipara College in attendance. I went to Kaipara 1995-1999. When I was there, I knew nothing of Victoria University - the only universities which visited were Auckland, Otago and Massey, which was where the vast majority of the seventh formers went.

I was quickly informed that a Kaipara College student had, for the third time, won a place to travel with the Prime Minister to the ANZAC commemorations at Gallipoli. I'm not entirely certain, but I think Alice Krzanich may be the daughter of my high school geography teacher.
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