Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Political Poetry

This takes the cake.
Boris's constituency

Henley on Thames; May; two thousand and five

Elections are looming: do you still want to thrive?

Parliament's sleeping: no Government now

Each qualified voter should vote; and here's how:

Surrender your card to confirm that it's you,

Then pencil your cross; in the space for the BLUE

With this as a guide, I am going to run a NZ Election Poetry Competition.

The rules are thus:
  1. It has to make reference to a New Zealand political party or personality.
  2. It has to take the piss out of one of the above.
  3. It must not be serious.
  4. It must be topical.
  5. All entries must be emailed to me (president(@) and I will post them on my blog. I will only post poems that are clever and funny, not abusive or offensive poems.
The prize will be a jug of beer at Eastside and the honour of being the first winner of the
President Greenbrook Award for
Services to International Literature

I will endevour to have the best right and left poems published in my President's column in Salient (providing Emily lets me).

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