Tuesday, February 15, 2005

St Valentines Day Massacre

One of my many rolls as VUWSA President is to sit on the University Council. This is the one job that Amanda said she never enjoyed - in fact, she hated it.

So, I went along to my first sub committee meeting yesterday afternoon - Audit.

For a starter; I didn't even know what the Audit committee actually did until about an hour before the meeting (well, anything more specific than auditing the University). Not good.

I've never sat in a room where everyone violently disagreed with everything I stand for. It was like being at a Young Nat's conference, only middle aged. Actually, scrub that, it was exactly like being at a Young Nats conference. :-)

While I can not devolve the actual details of the meeting (as it was based around the Annual Report, which still needs to be passed by Council before it is made public), I did pick up a few issues, which, to me, seemed to be glaringly obvious. One of which left our new Vice Chancellor speechless, and I will elaborate on when I can.
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