Tuesday, February 01, 2005

First 31 Days of the Administration

Well, it's just gone midnight, making today the 32nd day of the Greenbrook administration and marking the end of the first month.

In 100 days, Franklin Roosevelt built a welfare state. In my first 31 days I have:
  • Smoothly managed the merger between SAWCE and VUWSA, and established a VUWSA presence at the Karori Campus, including office services, commercial services, and a small orientation.
  • Logistically organized an NZUSA conference, which went almost hitch free. For the first time in three years, the conference was given a powhiri on Te Herenga Waka marae.
  • Begun re-building relations between VUWSA and the Vice Chancellors office. I don't believe that the guy at the top is really someone you want to piss off without reason. Admittedly this is much easier to do with a new Vice Chancellor.
  • Begun re-building relations between AUS and VUWSA. The staff union has to be on side with the student union, or else we're going no where in a hurry.
  • Become a media whore.

Some statistics:

  • 2 - Exec meetings
  • 1 - NZUSA FedEx meetings
  • 0 - Salient President's columns
  • 0 - Exec resignations
  • 0 - Staff resignations
  • 0 - Exec members who are not talking to me
  • 2.5 - Press releases
  • 1 - Television appearances
  • 2 - Radio appearances (1 Newstalk ZB, 1 National Radio)
  • 7 - Newspaper quotes (2 Dominion Post, 1 Otago Daily Times/NZPA, 1 Western News, 1 Cook Strait News, 2 Wellingtonian)
  • 2 - Days off (bereavement leave)
  • 1 - Official functions
  • 7:30pm - average time of night left the office
  • 8:45am - average time of arrival at the office
  • 45 - Average number of emails per hour
  • 35 - Average number of spam emails per hour
  • 0 - Effigies burnt
  • 0 - Defimation suits
  • 0 - Meetings with the Vice Chancellor (although his secretary reads my blog - hi Christine)
  • 0 - Words written on my thesis
  • 1 - Run-ins with former Presidents
  • 2 - Bridges burnt

Of course, there is still a lot to do, and I don't plan to slow down.

As I have said before, my exec are a fantastic team. Despite some initial reservations, they are all extremely hard working (with one exception), and great to have around the office.

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