Monday, January 31, 2005

Exec Meeting 2

After a fairly full on week at NZUSA conference last week, I was relieved that we only had a short exec meeting tonight.

Nothing of any great excitement tonight:
  • Jill Wainwright (Wellington Regional Manager of Student Job Search) spoke to the exec about what SJS does - I mean, in slightly more detail than "We get students jobs". This is a really good service that is partially funded by the student association. Over the summer period (to date) there were more than 4000 placements in the Wellington Region (which includes Nelson and Blenheim), earning over $4 million for students (up $1 million on the same period last year).
  • There was some talk of the relationship between VUWSA and the Association of University Staff, after what some exec members felt was a little bit of a shafting last year over fee setting (especially after VUWSA had pledged their support for the staff in their pay negociations). It was resolved that I would write a letter to AUS Victoria asking for an indication of support during the 2005 fee setting process.

Other than that, it was pretty much the normal.

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