Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Media Releace - 2004 Busiest Year for Student Food Bank

2004 saw more students than any other year use the food bank at the Victoria University Students’ Association (VUWSA), says Jeremy Greenbrook, Association President.

“VUWSA gave out 542 food parcels to financially stricken students in 2004, up almost 40% from 390 in 2003” Greenbrook said. “This clearly shows that the financial assistance that the government is pledging to students simply isn’t getting through.”

Not being able to get enough work, or having to take time off work for exams were the most common causes for students to use the food bank facility. International students were disproportionately high in the figures, hit by the strong Kiwi dollar and an increase in international fees.

“2005 will probably be even busier, with 6000 students nationwide being cut off from the independent circumstances allowance, and forced to borrow money in order to live” said Greenbrook.

For further details, contact:
Jeremy Greenbrook
President - Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association
021 899 430 – 04 463 6986
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