Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Free Bread

Every Wednesday morning, VUWSA puts free bread out for hungry students. This is donated by Brumbies bakery in Karori, and involves a VUWSA exec member driving out to K Town on Tuesday night and picking up 3-4 big sacks of bread, bagging it up, and putting it out the front of our offices for the students to pick up when we unlock in the morning. This week, each bag was lovingly packed by the President - my favourate shirt is covered in flour, and I smell like a bakery :-)

In my time at VUWSA I've seen the number of students turning up early for bread increase, and get earlier. The number of international students who are here at 8am (often even earlier) is astounding. I know I wouldn't get up that early to get bread unless I really needed to.

This is what the student association is all about for me - providing a economical, reliable service for our members. It is not about ending the War in Iraq, bringing down the Bush administration, starting the revolution, or giving money to pot smokers. It is about making life just that much easier for our members - the students. This is, I hope, the theme for the 2005 exec, as I know that certainly hasn't been the case in the past.
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