Thursday, January 13, 2005

Battle royal

Three Point Turn has posted about the up-coming election race in Wellington Central between sitting MP and Cabinet Minister Marian Hobbs and former mayor Mark Blumsky, and the subsequent battle of their blogger campaign managers: Jordan Carter in the red corner, and David Farrar in the blue.

TPT is right - it is going to be great for any political junky (of which there seems to be an abundance in Wellington), although I'm not sure about the result. After being heavily involved in Marian's campaign in 2002, I'm going to enjoy watching the 2005 campaign from the sidelines. I believe that as many as three of my exec members might be running outside of Wellington Central, just the same.

Interestingly, No Right Turn's political compass of bloggers has Labour Party member Carter at about the same standing as Alliance member Span, while National Party member Farrar is to the right of ACT member The Whig. For the record, when I ran for VUWSA President, my PC was -6, -6.
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