Thursday, March 10, 2005

Letter to the Editor

Dear Sir,

I read with some interest your article “Advertising to lure students a shameful ‘waste of money’” (Dominion Post 9 March). Your publication’s coverage of student issues demonstrates not only an extensive knowledge of the tertiary sector, but journalistic integrity when it comes to covering the generation of debt.

Unfortunately, the comments of Professor David MacKay (Victoria University Deputy Vice Chancellor) in regards to the institution’s marketing budget are not nearly of the same calibre.

Professor MacKay states they are working to build the Victoria University “brand” in Auckland. As someone who was attracted to Victoria from the University of Auckland, I can personally assure Professor MacKey that the “brand” had absolutely nothing to do with my decision – it was based on the academic reputation of the institution and the opportunity to live in the vibrant Wellington urban environment (for the record, I was not disappointed with either).

Victoria University should be letting their relatively strong 2004 Performance Based Research Funding (PBRF) rating speak for it’s self, and stop wasting $895,000 of student money on intelligence-insulting advertising. This money would be better spent on improving the academic facilities of the institution, further improving the institution’s PBRF rating – or not putting university fees up for 2006.

Makes you think, doesn’t it Professor MacKay?

Jeremy Greenbrook
Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association
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