Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Blogging and Other Forms Of Procrastination

Having been struck down with a flu-like (I say flu-like as I don't actually beleive it to be the flu, rather a bad cold, which I imagine will go away in the next 24 hours - I hope) illness, I have ventured little beyond the warm comfort of my bed (in fact, as I blog, I am lying in bed with my laptop beside me). My time is filled with a combination of snoozing, looking out the window at suberban Northland, surfing the internet, watching House of Cards (the dvd box set was kindly lent to me by Greame), and doing a little VUWSA/university work.

House of Cards is a great series. I came across it late one night while channel surfing on UKTV. Ian Richardson does so well as Francis Urquhart. It's just a great shame that some of the parts are so horribly over acted (the American owner of the Conservitive-friendly newspaper is a case in point). The Shakepearian confide with the audience works so well, even if it is just Urquhart grinning at the camera. I have just begun the second series, which has Urquhart as the Prime Minister, and have to say that it is not nearly as good as his climb to the top in the first series.

I gave my first lecture yesturday. No, I have not gained a Certificate of Tertiary Teaching from Te Wanaga O Aoteatroa. I was merely presenting a guest lecture for my supervisor, Tim Vowles. It was Geography 216, and, I have to say, the class were rather unreceptive to say the very least. I presented the same lecture in an honours seminer last year, and there were plenty of questions, but this group of second years seemed to understand it perfectly. Strange. I enjoyed giving the lecture, even if I was coughly and spluttering all the way through it, and wouldn't mind exploring it as a carrier path (which, unfortunatly, would mean even longer at univeristy, but probably not at Victoria). The lecture was on retail geography, particularly Christaller's Central Place Theory and Hotelling's Stability in Competition Theory, both of which are of considerable interest to me. I am giving a second lecture tomorrow afternoon (hence why I want to be better) on the world city hypothosis. I should be preparing for that now, really.
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