Tuesday, March 01, 2005

First 59 Days of the Administration

It's been two months now since I took office. Things have got slightly more rocky, but there have been some great rewards (such as Orientation). We have had two resignations, and a few personality clashes on exec (not me, as I don't really have a personality - gets in the way).

A few things that I am proud of:

  • Still on talking terms with the Vice Chancellor and University Council (although the Chief Financial Officer - Wayne Morgan - and I had a small run in at Audit committee). I stood along side Pat Walsh (putting politics and personalities aside) when there was a death in the university library. Also, still have a working relationship with the Student Union (the people who run our building).
  • Orientation went off. It was great. There was a strong VUWSA presence at all events. There was even a small ori event at Rutherford House.
  • Visited all (but one) of the first year hostels.
  • Built relationships with Student Services.
  • I have met with representatives of all the Education Rep Groups, and will be meeting with reps from the Welfare Rep Groups this month,

Some statistics:
4 - Exec meetings (2 this month)
2 - NZUSA FedEx meetings (1 this month)
3 - Salient President's columns (all this month)
0 - Exec resignations
2 - Staff resignations
0 - Exec members who are not talking to me
2.5 - Press releases (none this month)
1 - Television appearances (None this month)
4 - Radio appearances (2 Newstalk ZB)
7 - Newspaper quotes (None this month)
2 - Days off (None this month)
6 - Official functions (5 this month)
45 - Average number of emails per hour
35 - Average number of spam emails per hour
0 - Effigies burnt
0 - Defimation suits
1 - Meetings with the Vice Chancellor (although his secretary reads my blog - hi Christine)
0 - Words written on my thesis
1 - Run-ins with former Presidents
2 - Bridges burnt

I have enrolled in my thesis, and may take some time out to begin work on that. I'm also lecturing in GEOG 216 next week.

All the exec have really come on board this month, with stuff like orientation. The death of John Darden on Feb 16 cast a shadow over the month, and knocked the wind out of both Pat Walsh and I for a while (both being new to our respective jobs).

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