Wednesday, February 16, 2005

It Makes You Think

I've just got back from running VUWSA's stall in the quad. Good times - everyone is really excited about Orientation next week.

Many of the other stalls (many of which were corporates) gave away free stuff. This is fair enough, I guess. Small stuff like lollypops, pens, fridge magnets and the like. VUWSA bought into this in a small way, giving away pens and Dave and Hannah hovered with cases of V (kindly donated by StudentCard and

However, in my humble opinion, the School of Infomation Systems went a little over board. They hired about half a dozen students in smart tee-shirts to give away crome yo-yo's, Hell pizza, and Coke to promote one of their 100-level papers. There was little to no information about the course. I asked one of the student-promoters what the course was all about, and they replied "nothing really - it's an easy 18 points". I would be very interested as to how effective the advertising was.

The irony - the course was INFO 101.
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