Wednesday, November 16, 2005

VUW Blackboard Review

Website surveys for students and academic staff are now available on Blackboard - Log on in the usual way and the survey information and link will appear immediately below the welcome message. All students logging on to Blackboard for any reason will get a message encouraging them to complete the survey. The survey will be available until Friday 9 December.

VUWSA is currently involved in a review of the evaluations which each student fills in at the end of each semester. I'm a little annoyed about the timing of this survey. Its crucial that you put this around your networks and get students to respond ASAP - it is a very quick survey!

I have concerns about the current student evaluations, the timing of evaluations, the structure of surveys and questions, the use of information, does anything change? The graded results are sent to HOS’s and Lecturers and your written results are only viewed by the lecturer.There are issues with the effectiveness of this.

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