Monday, August 08, 2005

President's Column - Hot for Hoardings

Last weekend, my girlfriend and I went up to Taupo to celebrate my girlfriend’s birthday with her family. It was an enjoyable weekend, highlighted perhaps by the international student from Canada who recognized me in a bar up there.

In case you have been living in a cave for the last few weeks you will have noticed that there is going to be a general election shortly. This was especially abundant on the drive from Hastings to the Wairarapa, where there are plenty of political party and candidate hoardings along the main roads, especially from one National candidate, Mr Craig Foss who seems adiment he is going to lift the Tukituki electorate off Minister of Corections, Rick Barker – Foss’s hoardings are everywhere.

Judging by the hoardings (not just Foss’s), I have draw a couple of conclusions.

The first of these is that National are starting to get the hang of MMP – something many political commentators have critised them in the past for. This was clear with their new style of hoardings which were similar to Labour hoardings. I’m not saying that Labour have mastered campaigning under MMP, but, as they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Have a look – I’m sure you’ll agree.

The second is the complete dearth of third party hoardings. Apart from Winston Peter’s proclaiming to be “A Man for a Change”, and the odd real estate-sized sign from ACT, there was nothing. More precisely, there were no hoardings for third party electorate candidates. Could this perhaps be the reason they are languishing in the polls? Maybe, but probably not.

I love politics, in case you haven’t already picked up, and I hope you catch the politics bug as well.

On Monday, applications open in the 2006 VUWSA Executive elections. I would encourage anyone who gives a toss about student issues and wellbeing to give the exec ago. If you think you can do the job better than us, put your money where your mouth is and give it a go. I’m not restanding, so that’s one major barrier out of the way for you…

Application forms can be picked up from the VUWSA offices or downloaded from

Have a good holiday, and I’ll see you back here when the campaigning begins.

Sorry Graham and Gareth - mistakes have been corrected.

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